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  • NC-30D Computer spiral milling cutter

    NC-30D Computer spiral milling cutter

    structural feature: ★it can store 200 units orders,replace the cutter specifications quickly and accurately,changing orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management. ★Knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel induction hardening, backlash-free transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy。 ★Cutting machine adopts inlaid front steel blade knife spiral structure, serrated knife. scissors, shears, shear force, long blad...
  • SF-320C fingerless type single facer

    SF-320C fingerless type single facer

    Design Speed: 200 m/min.
    Effective width: 1400 mm – 2500 mm.

    The hood suction structure is adopted with high-pressure strong fan. The air source and electrical control are centralized in the same operation cabinet, and the operation side is fully enclosed and covered.



    Structural features: ★Symmetrical structure can also install two bundles of paper at the same time,Paper can be used for non-stop for a job;Adopts mechanical drive to complete the paper clamping, lifting, loosen, move on, around translational motion, etc. ★Manual disc brake, the lower limit screw, gear clamp head. ★The main frame is 14 channel steel welded with 20mm cold drawn round steel, and the length of ground rail is 4000mm. ★Each paper rack is equipped with two paper carts that can b...
  • Sf-380 c  adsorption type single side machine

    Sf-380 c adsorption type single side machine

    Effective width 1800mm-2200mm Operation direction left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant) Design speed 180-200m/min Temperature range 160—200℃ Steam pressure 0.8-1.3 Mpa Corrugated flute UV type or UVV type Corrugated roll diameter up¢350mm  down¢380mm Pressure roll diameter ¢385mm Glue roller diameter ¢264mm Fixed paste roller ¢140mm Preheater diameter ¢402mm Main frequency drive motor 22KW Suction motor 11KW Glue reducer 100W Glue c...
  • SF-280S Single Facer

    SF-280S Single Facer

    Purpose and characteristics:
    Design speed: 80 m/min-100 m/min
    Effective width: 1400 mm-2000 mm.
    Detailed attributes: Corrugated roller: φ280mm-φ320mm.
    The transmission reduction box adopts oil-immersed lubrication to reduce noise and maintain stable operation. PTZ transmission is adopted. Separate power.
    Pneumatic adjustment of corrugating roller, pressing roller and rubber roller.
    The cardboard conveying adopts vacuum suction method, with wind control system. Keep the grooves of the lower roller stable in the running state.

  • SF-360E(320E)Drawer Type Single Facer

    SF-360E(320E)Drawer Type Single Facer

    Design speed: 150 m/min-200m/min.
    Effective width: 1400-2200 mm.
    Negative pressure design, low heat dissipation, so that the pressure can evenly bond the core paper and the surface of the corrugated roller, so that the corrugated shape is better, because the pressure is even, the corrugated top is better, and the glue is uniformly applied, which makes the single-sided bonding of the corrugated better .
    Quick roll change, 15 minutes, in order to replace the cart trailer containing a complete set of corrugations, it is driven by a motor, loaded into the machine, fixed on the machine base, and the corrugation can be replaced quickly and easily.
    The corrugation is made of 48CRMO high-quality alloy steel, heat-treated, and the surface is grinded and plated with hard chromium or tungsten carbide.

  • ZJ-V5B-V6B Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

    ZJ-V5B-V6B Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

    width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Purpose and Characteristics:

    The sturcture is double rotary shafts with four arms; Support two paper mill rolls on both arms at the same time.
    Hydraulic control for paper mill roller up-down, clamp-open and centering.
    Web tension is controlled by pneumatic brake or manual brake; Springiness chucks are optional.
    Effective width: 900 mm – 2550 mm; Maximum paper roll diameter: φ1500 mm.
    Maximum support weight: 3T.

  • Right Angle Stacking Machine

    Right Angle Stacking Machine

    The 14 channel welded. Electric adjustment board size, pneumatic control horizontal output board, electrically adjustable conveyor speed.
    cardboard or height to the desired number of copies required by the foot switch control out of the cardboard.
    longitudinal splicing using wide flat belt conveyor transport.

  • Thin Knife Slitter Scorer

    Thin Knife Slitter Scorer

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Electric right-left moving.
    Option: electric adjusting blade.
    overcome the conventional pole type, pressure line slitting phenomenon occurs when crushed cardboard cutting, cutting board smooth, quality has improved significantly.
    machine can move around to adjust reduction gear.
    easy to adjust the cutter and pressure lines, error ±0.5mm, automatic sharpening device, you can achieve regular sharpening, and intermittent Brothers and other features.
    The machine uses 5 8 pressure wire cutter blade with tungsten alloy production, life is not less than 3 million running meters.

  • DF heavy-duty conveyor bridge

    DF heavy-duty conveyor bridge

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Work for 2 layer, 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer production line.

    independent inverter motor lifting mechanism, PVC conveyor belt, into a single watt wavy cardboard stable rules.

    All roller surface after grinding hard chrome plating.

    tension control vacuum suction duct 5 inches, plus regulating valves, air flow infinitely adjustable.

    electric correction device two sets of double guide posts corrective baffle positioning, screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, running smoothly.

  • Heavy Duty Single Face Papberboard Cutter

    Heavy Duty Single Face Papberboard Cutter

    ※ Technology and parameters:

    1, effective width :2000mm machine speed :80m/min

    2, minimum cutter length :300mm maximum cutter length :9000mm cutter accuracy :±1.5mm is uniform

    ※ Motor power and electrical parameters:

    1, Main drive motor power :3KW full AC synchronous servo control

    2. Power of drawing and feeding motor :3KW(frequency)

  • DM-DL Lift Tacking Machine

    DM-DL Lift Tacking Machine

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    For 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer corrugated paperboard production line.

    Using five high-strength belt conveyor, closed-loop variable frequency control, automatic counting precision, smooth delivery, rapid separation and transported to the basket.
    the sun wheel pressure does not damage the cardboard paper. Carbon fiber pressure strip strong wear.
    This car automatic adjustment with the order structure, size, can be scattered orders, staggered stacking.
    This basket of transverse using nylon plastic track output, does not damage the bottom paper.
    the elevator servo control lifting cradle, reasonable weight structure, to achieve the best effect of energy-saving, basket cross, by the platform of the crawler power transfer to next procedure.
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